Your body is not separate from your mind
Your body should be the first place your mind should find acceptance
Your mind should be the first place your body should find acceptance
Your mother created it
Your sister resembles it
The food you eat from the earth nourishes it
The one you love embraces your body, cherishes it.

Your body allows for movement, for play
Your body houses your mind and the ability to think, poke, laugh, connect, love, and feel
Your body is connected to the many things that are important to your mind, to your body, to

This is a great thing, a beautiful thing.
Your body is you. It makes you exist and be noticed, identified.

Yet, rather than being a place of acceptance, your mind makes your body a place of rejection.

Your stomach churns sickly when you cannot sleep
Your eyes fill with tears at the sight of your mother’s sadness, your father’s
departure from reality, and your inability to save them
Your lungs collapse as your savings diminish, your checking account barely stays afloat,
and bills increasingly accumulate
Your heart sinks, feeling underappreciated, unnoticed, unwanted, even when he tells you he
loves you every day
Your mind hates your body standing in the mirror, wearing fitted clothes, strutting in a room,
standing on display.

Your mind has chosen to be separate from your body.
Anxiety and stress build the wall, fuel the weapon, and ensures a barrier.
Your mind, the self, rejects the body, literally the one body you have in this life.
You don’t question this rejection, for the mind is separate from the body.

Your mind accepts other bodies many times before accepting your own.
Your mind is in constant amazement of their bodies, for they have
Achievements, goals, intellect, creativity, shape, desirability, confidence, stability.

It seems that anxiety has never rattled their cages as it has with yours
Picking the lock between your body and your mind, building that wall, that inevitable rejection.

You realize it all comes from within you.
Your mind manifests anxiety. Your body manifests anxiety.
Some is welcoming, leading to hard work, to change, to growth, to questioning.
Some can be controlled though relaxation, exercise, love, reflection.
Good and bad, you are you, connected to every piece of you.
Your mind will never be separate from your body.