She just wants to have need for as many power suits as pairs of jeans.

She just wants a life that’s worth living for the sake of living it. To be done always
reaching for the next rung of the ladder. To climb off the ladder and rest on the roof.

She just wants to hear that she’s worth being paid.

She just wants to know that she still gets to date. That she didn’t pass imperceptibly
from too young to too old.

She just wants to know it wasn’t in vain.

She just wants a husband, a baby, a home. She would have made a great housewife. She would
have vacuumed in heels.

She just wants a big shiny building of glass and concrete and stone. She just wants her strides
to sing out on linoleum on the way to her office.

She just wants her Grandma to be there forever. It’s the one thing she knows she can’t

She just wants a two carat Tiffany diamond. Is that too much to ask for?

She just wants to know it will all be all right.