She Will Be

She won’t tell you where she’s going.

Hundred times burned, now shy.

She’ll just keep achieving

hoping to become legitimate enough

to be impervious to name-calling,

belittling, and cruel trivialization.

She’ll love deeply,

burn bridges,

write eulogies,

be paranoid,

give massages,

and fear abandonment.

She’ll be that person who changes ethics.

Being a contradiction of ambition and thoughtfulness.

She will imitate FDR and Churchill

Then resurrect the content of their words.

Failing to put personal ties in perspective,

she’ll shy away from conflict

until she internalizes normalcy.

She’ll be kind and forgiving,

relentlessly critical

of herself,

sharp and quiet,

she’ll live a contradiction, not a lie.

She’ll develop a moral code to live by.

She won’t hide behind being vague or humor

or will.