It is easy to stand in the shadows
unspoken words are never wrong
unseen tears are never called weak
unheard cries are never pitied
unnoticed means survival

It is safe to stand in the shadows
no one asks about the scars
no one can hurt you if you can’t be found
no one’s solutions make the pain worse no one can see your shame

It takes strength to stand in the light
accepting the truth
confronting self-destruction
exposing buried secrets being willing to heal

It takes courage to stand in the light
believing in your right to be happy
demanding a right to be safe
opening your heart to love and devotion
daring to dream

It takes commitment to stand in the light
persisting in the transformation from victim to survivor
trusting the hand held out will only help you
looking for good in others
not fearing the bad

It takes faith to stand in the light
knowing that whatever happens you’ll be okay
trusting that feelings no matter how painful will pass
believing that joy no matter how fleeting will return
realizing that the light you are standing in comes from within you