They asked her one question — who are you?

She wouldn’t say she was the girl that dropped out of cheerleading, dance and soccer. She wouldn’t say she was the girl that owned an unused but beautiful violin and played the flute extremely well. She wouldn’t tell you about the poor decisions she made throughout her young adulthood.

She wanted to tell you about someone important that has been the most consistent factor in her life. She wants to tell you about this person she admires that greatly influences her life. She wants to tell about the ups and downs they’ve shared and how this has helped to shape her into the woman she is today.

She wants to respond and this is what she wants to tell them:

I woke up each morning knowing I was going to do the same thing I did yesterday, the exact same thing. The sun was scorching but I knew to bring a sweater along because the hospital was always cold. I didn’t attend either of my summer jobs because I had another job the outside world knew nothing of. I couldn’t be worried about money, I was too excited knowing I’d see you when I got to the hospital.

I walked into the small and crowded waiting room and greeted my loving family members. Like a broken record, they would usually ask about my night and my plans for the intense upcoming semester. I was discussed how I slept; I dare not speak of the worries of leaving home in a month. I walked into the cold ICU greeted the warm nurses then went to see you. Walking into the room I was happy that I would soon see you but that changed the second I saw you nonresponsive with tons of equipment coming out of your frail body. I guess I thought it would be different this time.

You were as you had been for a few weeks — pale, sickly and sedated. I wondered when you would come back to me and like clockwork the tears began to flow. I couldn’t bear to see you like this. I waited and waited for you to snap out of it and when it didn’t happen I got angry. I wanted you to just come back!Â