Dear Resume,

I regret to inform you that we could never meet in person except for the black ink of my specificity;
words, objective, job experience, education, awards, GPA etc… You will think that you know
me by vague descriptions; hard worker, independent, team player, but do you really? And you,
I could only know the whiteness of your technicality; blank slate. You will never have the
chance to see the vibrant colors of my soul and heart-red, pink, blue, yellow, black, brown,
orange… the colors of the entire Crayola crayon box. You will never observe me cry,
laugh, furrow, pout or even see my quirky movements of my body when I am nervous, excited,
confused. You will never feel what I feel in the same way because I am unique, one of a kind.
The intense sadness I feel when I see and hear the cries of pain, hunger, despair, hope and
death from disease and inequalities that afflict the poor. The joyfulness and warmth I feel
when I am able to help others, make people laugh, share, and love. Resume, you will never feel
my contentness when I am in the presence of loved ones, talking, embracing, dancing, eating
and singing…. You will never know the love I have for animals, how I love their innocence,
the touch of soft fur under my hands and the wetness of their nose. You will never hear my
thoughts, laugh, cry, yell, sing, and love. You will never know of the intense fire that burns
within my inner self wanting to discover, create, touch, and heal. You will never feel the
intensity of this fire within me that wants to be enticed, to find cures, heal people’s
ailments and fight for the equality of the poor. Why you will never know this is because I
come from this reality and sadness. To listen to my mother’s despair and share her sadness
because my grandfather cannot afford to be hospitalized or medicated for his heart condition.
To know that my family here and in Nicaragua struggle but that they have hope and I have hope
in the future, my capabilities and my dedication to resolving many of these issues that affect
poor people in Nicaragua and the World. Resume you will never know of the struggles I have
overcome; weight gain, rejection of myself, failure, unhappiness, anger, self doubt, expectations.
I am a strong, bright and valiant Latina and White woman and resume you will never know me!