I am from places I don’t remember
Manhattan/Pineapple Street in Brooklyn Heights/Beijing/301 Buckmister Drive in Norwood, Massachusetts
I am from homes with kitchens that have cutting boards and rectangle knives and stoves that
Eggs in many forms.
I am from places that snow in winter, where the crunch of fresh steps is not unfamiliar.
I am from smells of lilies, mothballs, sun-block, ballet shoes, running shoes, heat, crispiness,
sunshine, brownies, and tears.
Shy, bossy, pretty, poor, sweet, creative, mean, secretive, lazy, scared, selfish, rich, reasonable,
disobedient, happy, cold, scared, distant, free, restless, independent, stubborn, calm.
I am from a house where I hid for hours in a basement closet or slept in the bathtub when I
ad at my parents.