She just wants to be respected
Not given a children’s menu at restaurants
Not carded at PG-13 movies
Not mistaken for a child in a class of children she is teaching
She just wants to be recognized for who she really is
Not patronized or told how young she looks
Not looked at in surprise when she reveals her true age
Not patted on the head and told she is cute
She just wants to be seen as a competent adult
not be judged based on her appearance
not shy about asking for help reaching something on high shelf
not seen with her feet dangling inches from the floor while sitting in class
If you knew her then you would know
Know that she can bound up hills and probably run faster and farther than you can
and admire her for her endurance
know that she loves working with children and has potential to change their lives
and admire her for her dedication and compassion
know that she is a proud daughter of a mother who is an All Powerful Being and a father who
is Just Plain Dad
and admire her for her strong roots in a stable loving family
know that she went to a “women’s college without boys not a girls school without
and admire her for self assurance and semi-feminist ideology
know that she does not lie, drink, or swear
and respect the choices and decisions that she has made
know that she chronically arrives early and wonders where everyone is
and admire her for her punctuality
She just wants to be respected without needing to put up a façade of a tall, glamourous,
risk taking woman to get what she wants