She just wants to feel complete, not always, but sometimes. She knows it is impossible to
feel whole and complete all of the time.

She just wants to be stronger and braver and more mature. She wants to be noticed, respected
and trusted. She wants to be loved and admired for her wisdom by wise people.

She just wants to be free. Free from conflicting desires and free to do things. She wants
to run and dance in the rain and sing loud. She wants to have the freedom not to pay attention
to what others think about her.

She just wants peace and a home near her parents in her own country. She wants many books,
a small garden, a bike and a job that makes her happy. She wants to enjoy the summer evenings
when the weather is heavy with smell of Jasmine. She wants a good poetry book and a cup of
tea. She wants a good companion whom she can trust in.

She just wants her country to be peaceful and she will do everything she can to bring peace.
She wants her family united and together and her friends happy.

She just wants to be in a world with less bad news, less poverty, no wars and many happy children.

She wants to be able to run away whenever she is tired. She wants a place where she can hide
occasionally and she wants to travel.