She just wants to meet Virginia Woolf
To ask her if Nicole Kidman hit the nail on the head with her portrayal in “The Hours”
Or whether Ms. Woolf considered herself to be a bit more regal, or fair?…
She just wants to know how Virginia Woolf prefers to be addressed
As Virginia, Mrs. Woolf, VW, Lady of the House, Virgie
And could she be playful sometimes?…
She just wants to ask Virginia Woolf how it feels
To be so widely read and admired around the world,
And did she know, and did it matter,
As she slipped those huge rocks into the pockets of her housedress?…
She just wants to touch Virginia Woolf
To know if her tears taste salty too,
And are her hands soft or rough?
And did she like to touch? And did she like to be touched?
She just wants to chat with Virginia Woolf,
Cup of tea in hand;
To ask whether she liked Marlene Dietrich,
And did she feel that America was too self-righteous,
And what did she think about when she went for those long, winding walks?…
She just wants to see Virginia Woolf
And to know,
Did she wonder? And did she smile?
And did she hear the whistle of the wind,
Lying awake in her canopy bed at night?