She wants to not lose herself.
To be confident.
To know where she wants to go.
And to be able to balance her life while not letting anyone down.
She does not want to be a disappointment.
To loose sight of her goals and ambitions.
Or to feel trapped in a life that “just happened”.
She just wants to create a home.
To feel loved.
To love.
And to laugh, to sit, to sleep.
She does not want to be too serious.
To loose her sense of humor.
Or to be overly cynical.
She just wants to make a life she loves.
To work hard, and play harder.
To enjoy the time she has.
And to take advantage of her opportunities.
She does not want to sell out.
To be afraid, anxious or ashamed.
Or to always have to be on time.
She just wants to be dependable.
To grow every day.
To make a difference.
And to be happy.
She does not want to owe her success to anyone else.
To be entirely dependant.
Or to lose herself.