I guess I strive for A’s so that I know that I have mastered this new place. I have
conformed and assimilated into the society. Perhaps this way, I can get acceptance and my difference
will not be the first thing that is pointed out.

There is a technique to getting an A: Answer the question and present it in a well organized
and predetermined structure. Sometimes expand from the prompt, and take it to that next level.
Figuring out this technique proves that I am worthy of gaining the recognition I seek, in the
manner that I intend. This recognition of course is to be based on my own understanding of
the world, one that has not been forced down my throat by the million dollar advertisements
and propaganda.

Once the A has given me my opening I will no longer feel the need to have to fake it anymore.
I will no longer have to present my answers with the intention of pleasing my professors expressed
biases. I can adjust the status quo to fit MY disposition—bend the universe to my will.

I strive for A’s because I recognize that the only way to override the system is by
working within it, until I no longer have to as much. I cannot transcend society any other
way or at all for that matter.