I cheated. I didn’t spend enough time writing my narrative. I just felt like I didn’t have much to say. I look at my life and I feel like I haven’t had any huge challenges or bad experiences that I could grow from. My parents are as perfect as they get. My sisters are wonderful. My extended family, even the republicans living in Ohio and Kentucky, make it clear that they love me and like being around me. The group of families that I grew up with in California are as supportive as you can get. Everyone in my life told me how great I was and I believed them. I excelled. How can you not excel when everyone around you tells you that you will achieve greatness and if you fail or fall short they are there to pick you up dust you off and help you succeed?

I did have a few barriers in my life. I have a learning disability that stunted my reading ability. I would try and try but I just couldn’t learn how to read. It wasn’t until fifth grade that I really learned to read. Standardized tests? I would guess. I loved Math because the numbers made sense to me. I hated words. That experience has made me a hard worker because learning didn’t come easy to me at first. It made me humble.

I also was a complete social outcast from kindergarten to about fifth grade, I wonder if this
had to do with my lack of reading ability. When I lived in Australia in third grade I met The
Mean Girls. No joke. I met those girls from that movie in Australia. They scared me. They were

But whatever – I still had my family.

So what happens to a girl who is told the world is hers and is taught she can do anything?
One of my family friend’s dad always tells me when I leave him, “Do great things.” I
hope I do great things.