Is success the result of a journey or the steps in which you take to get there?

I am from a small family. A united family. A family who enjoys watching home improvement shows,
eating microwave popcorn, and playing with our puppies. Looking to my parents for advice has
always been a constant. They are my role models. I am just as much proud of them, as I hope
they are of me.

We are the type of family that lets one another know if we think a decision that is being
made is the wrong one. We are the type of family that worries about what another person in
the unit will say. The worries and guidance does not always change the result; however, it
happens. Sometimes you just need to forget about what the rest of your world says. You have
to go with your heart and not with your head. You have to say no.

After years of school, for once, there is a break. An opportunity for the gap year no one
ever told me was a possibility. Now at this turning point, I must remember to find work that
fulfills my passion. I don’t want just a job. I want a place of employment that for at least
a period of time each day I can feel fulfilled. That I can feel influential and significant.
That I can feel like a Smithie, like a woman, like a scientist, and mostly like a human being.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion to help people. The amount of money is
not important, but a paycheck is a necessity. Healthcare would be an added bonus. Yet, these
two specifications cannot be the bullet points of why an employer wants to hire me and not
the other fifty candidates that he/she has available.

In finding a place of employment for the approaching and encroaching years of my life, I am
not sure how much I am willing to sacrifice. I know I am not willing to sacrifice my integrity.
I am not willing to regret.