“The Sermon”

I always found myself sitting in church and feeling like the sermon was made for me because
it addressed exactly what I was thinking about that week. The sermon that I remember the most
was the one about a tree.

The pastor began by saying, “Think of yourself as a trunk of a tree with roots beginning
at your feet and branches at your head. And on those branches they are hundreds of leaves.
The Network of the people around you consists of a few roots, many branches, and even more

Trees have so many leaves that if one falls it will not destroy the tree. In fact, leaves
falling off the tree were an indication of the changes of the season. The old ones fall to
allow new ones to grow and make the tree look beautiful. Think of leaves as the many people
you will meet in your lifetime. These people are from the Haymarket, your Get Fit Smith class,
your classmates, and whomever else graces your path. They come and go and add external beauty
to your life but quickly fade away and allow more to come in.

These branches come in many sizes. Some are strong and some are week. And through the tree’s
lifespan it will go through many storms which will cause branches to fall. The light branches
of course will fall with a small gust of wind. However, in a big storm some of the heavier
branches will put up a good fight, but eventually break off and fall.

The branches are the mentor, teachers, professors, ministers, high school friends, and college
friends. They are your childhood friend that moved away when you were in middle school or your
favorite high school teacher. These people add great value to your life and like the heavy
branches has had a heavy influence in your life. The branches that are still there after a
storm, influences the leaves that grow next season.

But the most important part of the tree is its roots. Through the roots of a tree, the branches
and leaves gain nutrients. If one of the roots of the tree is damaged, so is the tree all together.
At the beginning of the tree’s life its roots is dug deep into the ground to give the
tree a stable and firm place to grow. The root gives the trunk nurture and care so the tree
can aim high in the sky when it grows. If a storm passes, the tree knows not to worry because
its roots are planted firmly. And in the mist of storms, if the roots of the tree are not strong
enough it will fall over.

My roots are my family, my faith, my significant other and my best friends. They are the people
who make me who I am today. They are the ones who nurtured me to be a tall tree and to support
me to continue to reach for the sky. The roots does not give the trunk beauty on the outside.
You cannot truly see the beauty of a trunk of a tree until you look inside. The stronger your
roots the more likely you will weather all storms. I learned to keep my roots healthy and strong
and accept the branches and leaves that fall during a storm. I will leave you with this: Think
about the roots in your life and how they add to the beauty inside you.