Now, I am in America. It has been already four months since I came here. Living in America
and meeting new people from all over the world had been one of my biggest wishes since I
was an elementary school student. Whenever I watched American movies, especially about schools,
they were so fascinating. Students looked like they had so much freedom in school; they did
not need to wear ugly and uncomfortable school uniforms, and they could have any hairstyle
they wanted. “Oh my god,” I would think, “there is even a couple kissing
in the school hallway!” That was unimaginable in my country. I liked watching shows in
which girls talked about their prom dates, and got dressed-up. Everything looked so fun – and
they didn’t look like they were suffering from examination hell.

Some of my friends went to high school in America, but I could not. My parents said, “You
are too young to be apart from us.” So it was my dream to go abroad during college, to
study in America. Finally, I became a college student at Ewha Womans University, which is in
South Korea. There was an exchange program, which meant our college would give students opportunities
to study at American colleges. It looked fascinating to everyone; we could even go to private
colleges while paying our regular tuition — which was a lot cheaper than the tuition
at Smith. It was pretty competitive to become a visiting student at Smith, so I tried really
hard to get high grades.

For the first few months here – actually, still – it was pretty hard to understand
what American people were talking about. Some people speak really fast. It’s different
in other ways, too. Students are willing to say their opinions and they feel free to talk to
professors. There is a real couple kissing on the street.

Now that I am looking at those real people — not at movies – it’s pretty
interesting. The most interesting thing is that all students live on campus. They can hang
out and talk whenever they want, which is really nice. I sometimes miss my friends and parents
in Korea so much, but many people I’ve met at Smith have been so nice to me. I am lucky
to have the chance to meet people from all different backgrounds, and to have made one of my
biggest dreams come true: Being a visiting student and living in America.