I am from:
The south,
A place where snow falls and mountains are tall.
Where food is hot and flavorful.
I am from:
A loving family
With incredible friends, and undeniable loyalty.
I am from
A world of peers
Where no hierarchy of maturity exists.
Where expectations started high and have only gotten higher.
I am from
Beautiful and eclectic music
And more activities than necessary
From a home, not a house.
I am from
food and motion
Events and everyday
I am from the land of “timing and audience”
Where everything has an appropriate place
I am from
Respecting and admiring the past
Where building upon, is valued above starting over.
I am from tree hugging and big city enrapture
From independence
Only because I know my support system is always beside me.
I am from
Star gazing and embracing science, math and books.
A hungry for knowledge place, that is never satisfied.
Where their expectations are nothing compared to my own.