I want it all. I want a job that I really like, a career that will give me enough money to
not only fulfill some of my dreams, but also that will provide me with economic security. I
also want a job where I can advance and get some kind of recognition for my work. It does not
mean I want to become the next Donald Trump, but I want to be able to feel good about what
I have done. I want a job that will enable me to see different parts of the world and give
me new ideas — like when you travel to a new country and see something so great that
you try to bring it home with you. I want a job which I can feel proud of, and which will make
my mum proud, too. Not that I will anything to please her, but becoming a teacher,
for example, I know would break her heart. I want to be so successful that if I see my father,
I can say “pip you, you can’t hurt us anymore.”

The only thing that I don’t quite know is what shape my career will take, or what it is that
I will be doing. As a child, I wanted to become a Ford car dealer after we had just bought
a new, red Ford. Then my dreams about work sort of faded, until a day in fourth grade when
I was very into water and underwater animal life, and I realized that I wanted to be a marine
biologist. That dream disappeared, however, the day I realized that they mostly live on state
grants. Even though I was bad at math, I realized that state grants would never pay for a dark
green Jaguar. From then on, I only looked at professions which actually might bring me an income
and which I could also like, or at least stand. Respectable jobs within law or finance, or
professions like being a commercial pilot.

Secretly, however, I have always wondered (and still do) if I could step foot into interior
design. It is one of my major interests, and something that I can focus on for hours, even
weeks.The first thing I look at when I come into a new place is the layout of the furniture,
what kinds of materials are used, and the colors. I then automatically start thinking about
how it might be improved, or what I would have done if it was my room/office. The only thing
about it, though, is that it’s perhaps one of the most competitive industries and I’m one of
those people who likes being secure and having a stable environment. Putting it all out there,
with almost invisible odds of succeeding, is not worth it. It might become a side-occupation,
though, or something that I might deal with indirectly. I can very well see myself working
for some kind of company that deals with design, and being located in their financial office.

I could also work with something completely unrelated to design, but since I don’t quite know
what other professions entail, it is hard to know if they’re desirable or not. And I am not
one of those individuals who try different things until I’m forty-five, and then decide that
maybe I want to become a doctor. I’d prefer to stick to something that I perhaps don’t like
as much, but that pays well. Many people say that money isn’t everything, and I completely
agree. But ignoring the fact that money gives more freedom and choices is just dumb and naive.
As I said, I want it all.